Microchipped dogs and its usefulness

Microchipped dogs and its usefulness

9 March 2021

Imagine your dog has run away and you can no longer find him! To prevent your dog to be lost forever, it’s important that your dog has a microchip and is registered in a pet database. This blog post will tell you more about it.

The microchip

If you are living in the UK, you are obligated to microchip and register your dog in a pet database.

Your dog can be clearly identified by a microchip. However, this alone is not enough to find out who the dog belongs to if he has run away. Vets and animal shelters can find the dog via a database using the microchip number and thus easily contact the owner. It is therefore important that you not only provide your dog with a microchip, but also register it in one of the databases.

Registration with a database

There are several databases you can register your dog in. The most well-known are:

At Europetnet you can query the microchip number from various European databases and find out where the dog is registered. This is especially important if you lose your dog during a vacation.

The information was compiled to the best of my knowledge and belief. However, all information is without guarantee.

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